Dec 10, 2006

A few moments after I heard that Pinochet had died I realized that I was crying. Maria walked in and asked me if I was crying because I was sad. I said I wasn’t. She asked if I was crying because I was happy. I told her it wasn’t that either. I told her I was crying because I a huge weight has been lifted off me, but I was very confused. I don’t know how to feel. Pinochet was dead. But he died free. My daughter is almost as old as I was when the coup happened. Will she be able to grow up in a country that values justice? A privilege that wasn’t granted to her father or me.

He died free. Don’t we deserve justice? Will Tomas ever learn what became of his father? It’s been decades without any information. For years Tomas wouldn’t speak about it. However, in the light of recent events he’s begun to open up. Its rare, but some families have found documentation about what happened to their relatives. I think that has spurred some hope that Tomas might finally learn what happened to his father. I think some closure would do him good. It would do us all good. We need closure on the whole era. With Pinochet dead maybe the archives will open up. Maybe the all others involved in his reign of terror will finally be imprisoned. Since Pinochet never was.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    It was a bitter pill to swallow that he died without seeing the inside of a courtroom (or of a jail). But at least he knew that people thought he was a criminal and an assassin.

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