December 10, 1983 / Cordoba, Argentina

Dear Diary,

Yes, yes, yes! Democracy has returned! Raul Alfonsín was sworn in as the new Argentine president earlier today. I am so proud and so hopeful. Alfonsín defeated Luder in the election which was held at the end of October. I am also relieved because Luder made me nervous. He was apart of the transitional government back in 1975. I feel like Alfonsín will give us the fresh start we need. Despite the jubilation in our nation today, I am very concerned for my father still. I have yet to hear from him still. Giovanni and Leonardo’s father told me that he had heard my father was alive. That came as a relief, but I want him to be back home! I also hope he is being treated OK. Today is the day where I think I can truly expect change to come and maybe get the chance to see my father again soon. I expect Alfonsín to take swift action to help find the disappeared and return them back to their families. The last couple months have been crazy! On October 26th, I participated in a rally for Alfonsin. I felt so inspired. I had never seen such a big rally before. The past few years has showed me the importance of politics. Every chance I get, I plan to support people who stand for what I believe. The fear of repression has been alleviated. During the rally, I was not scared at all. It was a refreshing feeling. I wasn’t scared at all. I hadn’t felt like that in a long time.

Alfonsin has also given me newfound hope that I might finally see my mother again. I don’t know. As he hopefully tries to recover disappeared persons, I am hopeful that maybe I will somehow be able to track down my mother. More than ever, I want to see her. I am so anxious to return to normalcy. I know nothing will ever be the same, but I look forward to getting simplicity back. I want my mother to be a part of the new, democratic Argentina with me and my father, once he is returned. I feel like the absurdity of the past years has given everyone in this country a new perspective. I know that is true for me. I almost feel recalibrated. Moving forward, even if democracy returns, nothing will be like the past. The memories will never go away, and they shouldn’t go away! The past has scarred our history, but that does not mean we cannot move forward. If anything, the ultimate tragedy would be if nothing was learned from the past years. I don’t think that is possible, though. The things that have happened in this country! The things we have all seen!

Alfonsin’s presidency means I can return to the work force without fear. I am so excited to get back working again. I am going to the restaurant next week to meet with my old boss to see if he will rehire me. I think he will. We always got along well. Since my father was taken, I have been essentially isolated to our apartment! I almost went insane. My mind never stopped racing. Ah, just thinking about going to work and interacting with my coworkers and customers excites me. Money, too! Today is such a special day, and I think Alfonsin knows that. I saw pictures of Alfonsin being sworn in and he seemed so optimistic. Everyone in this country has lived through the repression. I hope next time I write, I will have even better news!



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  1. ssvolk says:

    Alfonsín has promised a lot – I hope that he can fulfill even a few of his promises. But it’s good to hear that you will be working again.

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