Alexei- March 3, 2000

Honestly, I am quite confused as to why Pinochet has returned to Chile.  He was flown in this morning, and there are even people there to greet him.  Calling him the savior of Chile, and without him Chile would have just become a second Cuba.  Do the Chilean people not remember what he has done?  How many people he has made disappear?  How many mothers have lost their children?  The day I heard he had been arrested in London, which was about a year and a half ago, I was over joyed.  I thought he would finally pay for the human rights crimes he had committed.  All the English government had to do was turn him over to the Spaniards, and he would be rotting in a prison cell over there.

I will admit that on top of confusion, I am very mournful, for I remember all the friends I have lost in trying to get Pinochet out of rule.  I really feel that my sense of closure has been taken from me.  I wanted to see Pinochet pay for his hideous crimes to the Chilean people.  While I can take comfort that he is not in rule anymore, I cannot rest easy knowing that he will not face consequences for his violations.  Instead, I hope I can place my trust in the Chilean government to do what is right and just and hopefully find a way to punish Pinochet.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Maybe now we can bring him to trial in Chile!

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