October 6th, 1988

Well, we said No! I like to think it was the will of the people and not just the catchy jingle and smiling teenagers. I like to think that the will of the people means something but we’re haunted ┬áby the idea that Pinochet will continue to do whatever he wants despite what we say. Or worse. As if we didn’t already have enough ghosts.

We stayed up all night, waiting for the votes to be counted, wondering who we could trust. Some close friends stayed over. We put the children to bed and stayed up late talking, had too much wine, and otherwise behaved ourselves poorly, but it was the only way to dull the anxiety of this day. And maybe even a little fun.

Trouble is stirring in the mine, and I wonder if tensions will get so high that they close it like they did in ’83. Its funny, when I was younger I would have relished such an action, an opportunity to be brave and foolish. Thrilled by the idea of spilling blood for my country. There has been plenty of bloodshed though, and where did it get us. We decided our fate by a vote. An oportunity granted to us only after fifteen years of struggle and what a betrayal. To voice our discontent so civilly! But Jesus Christ am I afraid of what comes next.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    I still don’t believe that Pinochet will leave even though he lost. There’s no trust there.

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