Alexei- March 11, 1990

I am ecstatic!  The Pinochet regime has ended!  Today, Patricio Aylwin has been sworn into office, it is as this nightmare is finally over.  Although I may never get to see justice for Pinochet, due to his newly appointed position as still head of the military fir another 8 years and then a life time senator position to follow, which pretty much means immunity for life.  I am slightly disappointed, but getting Pinochet out of power is still a victory in my eyes.

I do feel for those who are not here to witness this great victory.  There have been many who have disappeared.  I, personally, have lost many friends.  Some, we have found dead, others are still among the disappeared.  I have also heard that the mothers of the plaza will continue to march in order to get information on their children.  I hope the best for them.  It pains me greatly that I do not know if Pinochet will ever get the justice he deserves.

Either way, all I can hope for is for Chile to turn a new page in its history and have President Aylwin lead us fearlessly into the the glorious future.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Now let’s hope that Aylwin can come though on his promises.

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