Plebiscite Results

6 October, 1988

We voted out Pinochet yesterday.  I say “we” because I also voted “no” on the ballot.  I didn’t trust him anymore.  That financial scare was too much for me considering I was already indifferent when he came to power.  At the time I was indifferent because I was just going to think whatever my parents told me and they were very biased considering that the functioning of the economy without Allende’s inference favored them and enabled them to amass their fortune in the first place.  This made my childhood quite pleasant so I never thought to be aware of people who weren’t as wealthy as my parents because I was taught that they are lazy.  Now I’m learning to believe something different though it is a slow process and I’m having trouble replacing the old way of thinking with anything new.  I guess it’ll become easier as the years pass and we expose everything Pinochet did over the years.

1 thought on “Plebiscite Results

  1. ssvolk says:

    Wow, Lena – I wouldn’t have thought that you would vote “No.” Now we’ll have to see if he actually will leave office; he just might decide to stay.

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