A Victory In Disguise – June 14, 1982

I met a woman. She is beautiful, smart and very much the love of my life. Her name is Irene. She was a good friend of my younger cousin Eduardo’s and we were able to connect with her after arriving in Buenos Aires a few years ago. Since then she has come to our meetings on occasion, though she is fearful after seeing so many friends – like Eduardo – disappear. While her fear keeps her from attending regular meetings, she is in no way a timid or indifferent woman and her love for those who she’s lost makes her very passionate. There is something about tragedy that brings people together in a way I would never have fathomed living in Patagonia. I feel so close to people I have only known for a few years, which is ironic considering the Junta’s efforts to isolate, alienate and dissociate all Argentinians.

Speaking of failed attempts on the part of this horrendous government (if you can even call it that), today the military lost its pitiful Guerre de las Malvinas. I titled this journal entry “A Victory In Disguise” because that is just what the defeat is. Both the failure at Las Malvinas and the bond that Irene and I have formed are examples of victories against the Junta. However small and unbeknownst to Videla or his death squads, our love is a rebellion in itself against the unjust atrocities raining on our country and the humiliation at Las Malvinas a sign that this dictatorship is weak and it is only a matter of time before there is a change of guard here in Argentina. There is hope yet.

1 thought on “A Victory In Disguise – June 14, 1982

  1. ssvolk says:

    Felicitaciones, Oscar – I’m so happy for you, and for our country which seems to be reaching the end point of this horrible period. I think you are right – you have to take the victories where you find them, and your connection with Irene is certainly a victory!

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