October 6, 1988

October 6, 1988


I was standing in my kitchen. Tomas was cooking breakfast but I wasn’t hungry. My stomach twisted in knots I was so nervous. The plebiscite was yesterday but we hadn’t heard anything yet. The radio wasn’t giving us any information. I thought, well it was useless after all. The campaign, the rallies, the march, the lives that were lost during the campaign. I thought it was for nothing. Of course Pinochet would rig the election. If he hadn’t we would have heard something by now. Why had I got my hopes up?


And then the newscaster came on.

He said Pinochet had lost, and that he would be stepping down.

The military junta would be removed.


I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. Tomas ran to me and embraced me. We both wept. My legs gave out and I slumped to the floor. It was finally over. After all this time Chile would be free.




They say there will be elections held next year. I wonder what this year will be like? Could we possibly start seeing change right away or must we wait another year? I’ve waited over 16 years. More than half my life. Can I wait any longer? It looks like I may finally be done waiting.

1 thought on “October 6, 1988

  1. ssvolk says:

    It’s hard to find the words for how happy I was to hear the news. Now I feel like we have to hold our breadth until he actually leaves the presidential palace!

    [The news about the plebiscite was actually broadcast a bit after midnight.]

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