June 14, 1982

Today the military surrendered to the British in the Malvinas. It is a moment of indifference for me, personally. I feel no connection to whatever happens to the Argentine forces. I’m not surprised that they decided to invade the islands. Overzealous and self-righteous as always. I saw the news and felt nothing- I feel nothing for those who decided it was the right thing to do. I have no time to worry about tiny islands. My mother is dead, I have no food, I live alone.

I pity the 665 men who died on the island. For what? For Pinochet to say he tried? That he tried to bring glory to the nation. Glory for the nation would be him gone. We would be able to breathe again. We would wake up without weight on our chests, without a cloud above our heads every minute of the day.

I pity Argentina. We once had such a beautiful nation. But it is ruined.

1 thought on “Indifference

  1. ssvolk says:

    Even thought the Malvinas should be Argentine and not British, to go to war when you’re at war with your own people is just madness.

    [NOTE: Galtieri, not Pinochet]

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