Alexei- October 6, 1988

I feel torn again….  Yesterday, the people of Chile voted on the plebiscite proposal.  I feel we, overall, were put at a disadvantage.  Vote yes and Pinochet may more than likely win the election, and also be acquitted of any charges due to his immunity.  Vote no, and we continue to live in this dictatorship.  On top of that, the new constitution that would be implemented is horrible!  I feel that the constitution will haunt Chile for a very long time even after Pinochet dies.  While I feel we were put in a catch 22 situation, I can still find slivers of hope in tiny crevasses.  If yes does pass, maybe the election will not go towards Pinochet.  Maybe another leader can overcome Pinochet’s power and Chile may be able to start anew, and any type of hope is good with me.

That’s why yesterday, I voted yes…

1 thought on “Alexei- October 6, 1988

  1. ssvolk says:

    The “no” won! Now we’ll wait and see if he actually leaves power.

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