Alexei- October 3, 1986

Things in Chile have been getting worse.  So, I did end up joining an activist group to protest against Pinochet.  The tipping point for me were all the disappearances.  At first, I had just only heard about people being kidnapped or killed.  Then about 5 months ago, a group of friends I had known from soccer, that were also politically active, disappeared all together.  This really struck me hard, and that’s when I decided to join.  Our group does not partake in guerrilla warfare, rather we fight “legally” with protests and gatherings and such.  My father does not approve.  He says that Pinochet has become too powerful and it is best to just keep your head down.

The thing is, I do not want to keep my head down.  Something has to be done about Pinochet, for this madness has gone too far.  I heard about a couple months ago, during a strike to protest Pinochet, soldiers ambushed Carmen Gloria Quintana, then a student, and Rodrigo Rojas de Negri, a photographer.  Carmen and Rodrigo were on their way to a protest in my city, Santiago, when military cars stopped them, pulled them out of the car, and began beating them.  I also heard that then the military men set them on fire.  This story in itself is madness!  Pinochet must be stopped!

Others have had this same idea, of stopping Pinochet.  I heard that sometime last month like September 7th or something there was an assassination attempt on Pinochet.  Unfortunately, it failed, but it goes to show that the people are growing restless with Pinochet and want him gone.

I will continue to do my part in order for that to happen.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Now it seems all we can hope for is a “No” vote in the plebiscite!

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