1978 World Cup

The World Cup has put Argentina on trial in front of the world. Our success in the tournament has caused me to experience two simultaneous emotions that conflict painfully. The first is my pride in the great nation of Argentina, and my joy at seeing us win the most prestigious football tournament in the world. The second emotion comes from my criticism of my own pride. I have incredible guilt about my celebration, what am I celebrating? Am I celebrating the enduring strength of Argentine people, our culture, our history? Or am I celebrating our government, and the process. It seems that to the outside world, our government and our nation are one in the same. The world did not want to see us win this tournament, they claim that we cheated in the early stages. Reporters talk about how our government has made the tournament into a nationalist farce. They think that a victory for Argentina is a victory for the Junta, and surely it is. But it is also a win for the Argentine people.

I am happy that we won, because I try to have a patriotism that is not tied to our government, I want a patriotism that can celebrate dissent. I am also happy that the world was able to see the crimes that have been committed against us. Even though I was sad at times to see the world so critical of my nation, I am glad that the crimes of the regime are being exposed globally. This exposure, I believe, is a form of justice.



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  1. ssvolk says:

    And I can’t help but feel that we got here by cheating. Our 6-0 victory over Peru, to get to the finals, was nice, but didn’t smell quite right. If we win, we should do so honestly, no?

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