Extreme measures from a moderate man

May 1st, 1983


I’ve now been a part of the Movement of the Revolutionary Left (MIR) for almost 8 years. I no longer practice Catholicism – the events of the past decade have gravely shaken my faith. I still live in Santiago and practice law; somehow the government remains unaware of my activities after all this time. Unfortunately, I hardly eek out enough of a salary to survive. I focus my practice on trying to help people in dire situations with the law – defending them in court. I only take on small cases to avoid drawing the attention of the Pinochet regime, and no one I represent can pay me very well. Nonetheless I am able survive and work in the shadows against the regime.

My family has completely disowned me. They were none too happy when I left Puerto Montt, but after learning that I had stopped going to church and then, shockingly, had joined a leftist opposition group, they cut me entirely out of their lives. However I must follow my convictions above all else.

We are planning an act of armed resistance against the government. I have little illusion that my group will actually be able to overthrow the regime. However, I think it is necessary that we show the government that someone is willing to resist them, that there hold on power will never totally secure as some will not submit to dictatorship. My hope is that some of my countrymen will see our example. We are planning to assassinate the military governor of Santiago and bomb several pro-American corporations. These measures are certainly extreme, but they hardly compare to the atrocities that the Pinochet regime has committed and we are targeting only those responsible, not innocents.

I can only hope that a small act of resistance will show people that one can act against the regime. I would never have believed a decade ago that my life would have come to this. Nonetheless I have no remorse.


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  1. ssvolk says:

    What do you think about the new protest demonstrations? Do you think they will have a better chance of removing Pinochet?

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