March 26, 1976

It’s been two days since the military coop, and I am still trying to wrap my head around what is happening. Today Jorge Rafael Videla was named president of Argentina. Some of my neighbors are hopeful about the change in government. They think that a strong military government will be able to put an end to the violence in our city. The past few years have been so chaotic. Buenos Aires at times felt like a war zone. The ERP and Montoneros carry out violent attacks, and the military responds even more harshly. It’s a never ending cycle. Many of my friends have been arrested, and two of my friends, María and Juan, were murdered in the past few years. These two friends dropped out of our university once they got involved with the Montoneros. Marcello, mi novio, also had friends who were killed in recent years. Marcello y yo tenemos dudas sobre el gobierno nuevo. We wonder about the new government’s intentions. Videla says he is taking power to protect el ser nacional, and to defeat the subversives. But the Montoneros are so weak at this point, there are barely any fighters left. We wonder then, who are the subversives then? Friends of Montoneros? Leftist students? During university, we occasionally went to meetings for different left wing political groups, but we did not follow the same path as María and Juan–that is to say, we were not guerrilleros. “We can go to meetings, discuss politics, maybe even pass out fliers, but we cannot join any radical groups that promote violence,” Marcello would tell me. I guess his overprotectiveness served us well then, but I wonder if it’s enough to keep us out of danger now.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    My friends in the Montos all have dropped out of sight. I don’t know if they’ve gone into hiding, been arrested, or left the country. It’s all very unsettling. Marcello was probably right to keep you from becoming a militante. Who knows what’s going to happen next?

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