Alexei- August 17, 1976

August 17, 1976

It has been almost three years since President Allende has been overthrown.  In all honesty, I have not seen General or President Pinochet, or whatever he is, do any better.  From what I have seen the people around me are still in a state of unrest.  Some of my closest friends from my soccer team have joined opposition groups in the hope of spurring change for Chile.  I have been asked to attend a couple of meetings, too, but I still feel uneasy about joining.  I have heard stories from Argentina about their most recent coup.  Their new government started kidnapping those within opposition groups, hoping to find guerrilla fighters or plans.  It scares me to think that Chile can end up like Argentina in that respect.  That has been the main factor for my uneasiness in joining.  This has also lead me to much internal reflection.  Am I selfish because I want to stay out of danger and let Chile change on its own?  Or, should I over came those thoughts and be at the forefront for change to better the generations that follow me?  The two arguments can be summed up as my safety or my lineage’s safety.

I do not contemplate on that issue too long, though.  The economic situation here in Chile has been hurting me very much for that.  Inflation here is skyrocketing!  I heard from a friend that the Chilean Peso had inflated so much that it would take 39 pesos just to get 1 US dollar.  That’s bananas!  The only good to come out of the situation is that I’ve obtained a new job in private firm as a clerk.  They tell me that if I put in my years I will be able to work my way up the ladder into a much better position.  Thinking of this keeps my head up.

I have also been in contact with my father.  We had a chance to talk about the current situation, and I found out that he was not in support of the coup.  He did not take action against the military, but now acts as an informant.  He would not give me any more details, and since then has told me that our interactions will happen sparingly, just incase anything happens.  All and all I’m hoping for the best.  Both for my family and for Chile.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    I’m glad that you found a job, Alexei – not easy to come by these days.

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