The Tea Leaves are Jumbled.

June 18th, 1973

I was on my way to USACH when the bus I was on broke down, I was already late for school since I had missed the first two buses because they were so crowded. I have had to miss so many classes either because the buses weren’t running or there was a strike that impeded my route to school. As the social struggles increase here in Santiago, the sizes of my classes dwindle. I think that my teacher understands that we are all trying to deal the tumultuous conditions in the country right now.

Since I moved out of my parents house last year it has become harder and harder to provide for myself. As the economy has gotten worse, I got laid off from my job as a waitress at Dona Tina. It seems like the food shortages in combination with lack of customers have made the family that owns the business lay everyone off, relying on their extended family to keep the business afloat. While I may like to think that I am self reliant, at the age of 18 I am still extremely dependent upon my family. I know it would not be possible for me to attend university, or live in my apartment if it wasn’t for them. My mom still doesn’t fully approve of my pursuit of higher education, she says, “finding a well educated man is the best thing that will come of it.” At least I have the support of my father who understands the importance of having a well educated woman in the home.

Even though my father believes in me he has been having a lot of financial trouble coping with Allende’s policies that continually intervene with his business, along with the rubber factory’s labor unions striking for wage increases due to the rise of inflation. When my father returned from his most recent trip to America, he assured me that he was hopeful that things would turn around soon, saying that “Allende’s government would only be tolerated for so long.” Everyone can feel the tension between the people and the government, I just hope that this chaotic climate does not end in a civil war.


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  1. ssvolk says:

    I have to agree with you, Renata – this is such a crazy and troubled time. Who knows what it will end in?

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