Alexei Sept. 12, 1973

September 12, 1973.

At the age of 28, I am not afraid to admit that I am scared.  Yesterday, President Allende was killed in a coup.  I am filled with many emotions right now with fear being the main one.  What will become of the rest of my country?  What will happen with my family?  What will become of my father?  In the years before the coup, my father resigned from the position of General of the Air Force to a Cesar Ruiz Danyau.  General Danyau was then succeeded by the current General, General Gustavo Leigh.  My father, now, does not directly work with the military but rather he is an advisor.  It is unfortunate to say, but I do not know where my father stands in regard to politics and this military intervention.  I know from listening in on conversations that he is a traditional man which could imply his disapproval of the coup.  But at the same time, he has been dissatisfied with the economic conditions and turmoil this current presidency has brought.  Unfortunately, I cannot ask him, for he has been gone these past two weeks.  However, in some senses it does not matter where he stands.  Looking ahead, my family may be placed in danger either way.  From guerrilla fighters, to the military’s soldiers, the dangers of living in Chile can greatly escalate.

As for myself, I am in shock President Allende has been over thrown.  I have supported Allende for quite awhile now.  I had shown up to many of his speeches and was always fascinated by what he had to say, but the part that really pulled me in was his plan to gain back the Chilean mines that the United States had established corporations for.  Personally, I am neither a leftist nor a rightist, but a Chilean who puts his country first.  As of right now, I do not know what I should do.  I do not know whether I should take up arms, or accept what the military has done and hope I survive to see another democratically elected president come about.  I just do not know.  I think it will be best to just take it day by day.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Thanks for this, Alexei – this are difficult time and you’ll need to take care so you don’t get into any trouble!

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