Hi I’m Pia

September 1970,

I can’t believe it. I’ve got only two more weeks till my 20s are over, and I can feel my mother’s incredulous eyes burning holes in my neck more strongly every day as she wonders why I’m still not married and why I still haven’t found something outside of the bar. I guess I can’t blame her by this point, the usual drunkards and creeps just seem to keep on getting worse. Just a few days ago we found out that Allende won the election, and we were subject to a rowdy group of supporters celebrating, drinking and standing up on chairs delivering slurred speeches promising revolution and equality for all. Of course, they were all supportive enough of the working class to not tip enough and also bring in a 20-top right before close.

My name’s Pia Flores, and I’m a 29 year old living in Santiago. My mother, Martina, owns the bar I work at as a bartender. I also have a father, Antonio, whom I haven’t seen since the age of 5, but I hear he’s working as a bus driver now. I also had an older sister, Paz, but she’s been gone since I was 13. So it’s been a lot of, well, me in my life. My mother’s a devout Catholic, and I spent a bunch of time bearing the brunt of her attempts to convert me as a kid, but it never rubbed off. Sometimes, Martina will scold me in rejecting men and God, saying I’m bringing my loneliness on myself. She also will never let me forget how I could’ve gone to college. I guess I was a pretty smart kid. But when your sister dies of a suspected suicide when you’re thirteen, sometimes school doesn’t work out that way.

Oh enough complaining I guess. Let’s see, what fun things do I have to say about myself? Well, lucky enough for me, I inherited my mother’s dancing abilities, as well as her physique. I’ve loved to paint and draw in my free time ever since I was a little girl, but I tend to just make that for myself. I also really love my city; my parents both left everything they had and came over in the late 1930s when everyone seemed to be moving here, and it’s been growing ever since. All of the people and all of the scenery…I couldn’t imagine life in the countryside where my parents came from. Right now, I’m living in a rusty place with some friends of mine, but it’s home. I don’t know, I guess I’m just making it through paycheck to paycheck.


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  1. ssvolk says:

    Hola, Pia. Thanks for letting me read this journal entry! It sounds like you’re pretty busy now and making it on your own. Not an easy life! You must get all sorts of types who come into the bar. What are they saying about Allende (when they’re still sober!)? Do you ever get anyone who doesn’t like him? Write soon.

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