Hola from Sebastian

May 1970

My name is Sebastian Caballero. I am 25 years old. I was born and grew up in Puerto Montt. I also went to university here. My parents both work for the government. My father, Rodrigo, is a mid-level bureaucrat. My mother, Lucia, works for the government as a secretary. I come from a distinctly middle-class family. We are comfortable but not wealth. On my father’s side, my family can in fact trace itself back to the first Spanish conquistadors to enter Chile. On the other hand, my mother is a first-generation Chilean. Her parents, Americans of German descent, moved here when her father got a job as an administrator for an American mining company.
My parents met a young government workers and soon fell in a comfortable, though not passionate, love. I was born when they were both in their mid-20s. Both sides of the family are deeply catholic and I was an altar boy during my youth. I have three siblings, an older brother, Julian, and two younger sisters, Maria and Alessandra. I have always looked up to Julian. He is only a year and a half older than me, but has always acted as a guide and mentor. It was through him that I first became interested in politics, which was to be my major in university.
These are strange times for my country. Two months ago, in my hometown, there was a massacre of squatters by government soldiers. In my family, we were all horrified that such violence could take place in our country – and at the hands of the government even! I can only hope that it is the last time such an offal thing takes place. There is a presidential election coming in a few months, and of this I am also very afraid. My father has been part of the Christian Democratic Party for a long time. Their platform is very much in line with our values. I myself have recently become involved with the Christian Democrats. However, a man name Salvador Allende is running yet again for president. We are all afraid of him. He seems to be a true radical; his rhetoric of revolution through democracy threatens the system that has served Chile so well. We have come so far during the 20th century, god forbid a demagogue such as Allende be elected to the presidency !

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Hi, Sebastian. Thanks for letting me read your journal! You are so lucky to live in Puerto Montt. I was there once, when I was quite young, but I remember its lakes and mountains. So beautiful. Now I live in Santiago, where we can see the Andes, but it’s not as pretty. Things here are unsteady, as well. The campaign has been heating up for a while, particularly after people came back from their January vacations. I’m also a supporter of Tomic, although I’m not sure he’s going to do well. People seem tired of Frei and his party. Anyway, tell me more about you. What do you do? Are yo also a civil servant like your parents?

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