The Sounds of Silence: Approaches to Other-Oriented Listening

Steve Volk, February 20, 2017 As long as we’re talking about Frank Zappa… In 1993, Zappa recorded John Cage’s 4’33” as part of A Chance Operation: The John Cage Tribute [Koch International Classics]. You might remember 4’33” as a recording of silence, or better put, as a composition scored for any instrument or combination of […]

Preparing the Environment for Active Learning

Steven Volk, February 8, 2015 David Gooblar had a good column on “Why Students Resist Active Learning” in a recent “Pedagogy Unbound” column in the Chronicle of Higher Education. That led me to all sorts of similar posts such as “Hang in There! Dealing with Student Resistance to Learning-Centered Teaching” by Rick Reis at Stanford, […]

And, We’re Back…

Steve Volk, August 17, 2017 (Note: A version of this article appeared on published August 22, 2016; this is an updated, expanded version.) The summer is over (at least as far as the “Article of the Week” is concerned), and we’re back in business. It’s been an eventful three months, and we’ll have much to […]