Summer Service Funding Opportunities

Bonner Summer Living Stipend

The Summer Living Stipend is meant to support expenses during a summer of service. If there are questions around what these expenses might include, please connect with the program director or coordinator.

  • Bonners have up to $1000 available to request in support of a first summer of service.
  • Unused living stipend funds must be returned to the program at the end of the summer of service.
  • Any unused summer living funds from the first summer of service will be made available for the second summer of service, in addition to another $1000.

Living Stipend expenses must be documented with itemized receipts. These receipts will be submitted to the program director or coordinator at the conclusion of the summer of service.

You can request your Summer Living Stipend by completing the Summer Service Plan. Learn more about this plan in the Summer Service Guide.

Bonner Summer Earnings Stipend

Up to $1500 in a Summer Earnings Stipend is given to each Bonner who completes a summer of service. This stipend is available for both required summers of service. The stipend check is given to the Bonner upon completion of the summer of service and the required checklist. You can read more in the Summer Service Guide.

The summer earnings stipend does not require expenses to be tracked with itemized receipts.

Other Sources of Funding:
  • Shansi
  • Career Center
  • Creativity & Leadership (if it’s an entrepreneurial venture)
  • LaunchU
  • Rising Senior Fund