Summer of Service Guide

Before Your Summer of Service

1. Submit a Summer Service Plan

The Summer Service Plan provides the program director and coordinator with information about your summer of service, including the organization you plan to work with and a budget for your summer service.  This plan is also used for requesting your summer living stipend funding.


The 2019 Summer Service Plan can be found and submitted here.

  • The deadlines for completing the Summer Service Plan and requesting a Summer Living Stipend are March 15, April 7, and April 28. Summer Living Stipend checks will be available approximately two weeks after each deadline.
  • If you are not requesting a Summer Living Stipend, you are still required to submit a Summer Service Plan by May 1.


  • Once the summer living stipend check has been issued, the BSP director will not request additional funds.  Thus, please err on the side of requesting more than you think you might need.  Any unused funds can be returned at the end of the summer.
  • If you will be completing service abroad, please meet with the BSP director or coordinator as early as possible and no later than the week after spring break.
  • If you will study away in the fall semester following a summer of service, please discuss arrangements for submitting summer service paperwork when you pick up your summer living stipend. 

During Your Summer of Service

1. Fill out a Community Learning Agreement (CLA) with your community partner.
  • The service site and position description must be entered into BWBRS before you can complete a CLA.  If needed, please submit your position request using BWBRS Partner/Position Request Form.  
  • Please review the guidelines for creating a strong CLA that are available here.
  • The active CLA must be signed by the Bonner and site supervisor.
  • A CLA is only required for the primary site(s).  Any site with more than 30 hours of service is considered a primary site.
  • Before you leave your site, have your site supervisor sign your CLA.  
2. Update your Hours Log regularly.
  • Bonners are required to complete 280 hours for each summer of service.
  • Service hours can be completed at organizations other than the primary site, and the BSP program director can sign for these hours.
  • Before you leave your site, have your site supervisor sign your hour logs. 
3. Before you transition out of your community partner, ask them to submit the Site Supervisor Evaluation.
  • Site supervisors are asked to evaluate the Bonner Scholar who worked at their organization using an online form.
  • The BSP program director or coordinator emails this form directly to the site supervisor.
  • Please ensure that the BSP program director and coordinator have the correct name and email address for the site supervisor.  This is especially important if the site supervisor changed and is different than the name listed on your CLA.
  • If the site supervisor needs a hard-copy evaluation form, please inform the BSP director or coordinator.

After Your Summer Service

1. Fill out the Summer Service Checklist.
  • This form lists all of the documents that must be submitted in order receive your summer earnings stipend.  Use it as a guide to ensure that you have all required documents to pick up your summer earning stipend.
  • The checklist is available here.  
  • Submit the completed form in hard copy as a coversheet for your summer service paperwork.  
2. Gather your receipts and complete the Expense Report
  • Use the expense report template to enter and total summer expenses.
  • Please convert foreign currency to US Dollars using this website.
  • Receipts should be itemized.
  • For rent paid by check, please submit a copy of cancelled check and a typed or hand-written receipt signed by the person or company from whom you rented.
  • Any unused funds must be returned to the College before the summer earning stipend is issued.  Please bring a check in the amount of the unused funds to the meeting with the BSP director or coordinator when you submit your paperwork.  The check should be made out to “Oberlin College.”  If you would like to return the funds in cash, please contact the BSP director or coordinator in advance of your meeting.
3. Complete your Bonner Evaluation of Service online.
  • This online evaluation is intended not only to share information about your service but also to serve as a catalyst for reflection about your summer service experience.
  • If you had more than one primary service site (any site at which you had a CLA), you must complete a separate evaluation for each service site.
  • The evaluation will be emailed to you towards the end of your summer of service experience.
4. Submit your Service Accomplishments on BWBRS.
  • This is an opportunity for Bonners to reflect on their experience and gauge the scope of the impact their service has had.
  • Service accomplishments are submitted in BWBRS but do not have to be signed by the site supervisor.
  • Detail is important in tracking Service Accomplishments.  The number of students tutored or meals served or houses built – anything that can be numerically calculated should be recorded.  If the member recruits any volunteers, they should report the number of hours the volunteers served.  Members should be as specific as possible about what they accomplished, i.e. the student they tutored raised his math grade from C to A, or 30 miles of highway were cleaned up.
  • For one-time events and break trips, one member who was a leader in planning or executing the event should submit Service Accomplishments for the event.  They should include details about how many members participated, the combined total of hours served, and the total impact of the event.  For example, if 30 students spend a week doing hurricane relief, they might serve a total of 150 hours and repair roofs on 4 houses.
5. Meet with the BSP program director or coordinator and claim your Summer Earning Stipend check at the start of the fall semester!
  • Bring the following items to your meeting:
    1. Summer Service Checklist
    2. Expense Report and Itemized Receipts
    3. Check for any unused summer living funds (if applicable)
  • During the meeting, the BSP program director or coordinator will confirm that the following items are completed online:
    1. Community Learning Agreement(s) (CLA) with “active” status and signed by you and your site supervisor(s)
    2. Hours Log showing 280 hours signed by you and your primary site supervisor(s)
    3. Bonner Evaluation of Service
    4. Supervisor Evaluation of Service
    5. Service Accomplishments in BWBRS