Finding a Summer Service Site

  • Your summer service site should be a non-profit or government agency.
  • Your site(s) should allow you to complete at least 280 hours over a minimum of seven weeks.
  • Having one primary site is ideal, as it allows you to build stronger relationships and have a deeper experience.  However, you may have up to two primary service sites.
  • You may be paid for your summer service, but you must let your community partner know that you will also receive funding through the Bonner Scholars Program.
  • If the organization is faith-based, services must be available to all regardless of religious or philosophical beliefs and proselytizing is prohibited.
  • Ask your current service site if they offer programs in the summer that you could participate in.
  • Check out other community partners in and around Oberlin.
Beyond Oberlin: in the United States
  • Start planning in January! (Or even earlier!)
  • Find programs that will provide or help out with at least housing, food, and (possibly) transportation.
  • If there is a Bonner school in the program’s city, connect with the Bonners to find service in the area.
  • Refer to the Career Development Center’s website for tips on finding housing.
  • The Bonner Foundation provides internships during the summer.
Beyond Oberlin: International
  • If you are traveling to a new place, learn as much as you can about the country before entering!
  • Start planning in January! (Or even earlier!)
  • Meet with an advisor at the Office of Study Away to discuss your plans and to review the Oberlin College requirements for international summer projects
  • Find programs that will provide or assist with housing, food, and (possibly) transportation.
  • Be open and flexible. Recognize that you will have unforeseen costs.