Study Away

Oberlin College believes that all interested students, regardless of major, should have the opportunity to spend a semester away from campus on an academic program in a different part of the country or the world. Study away opportunities offered by Oberlin or affiliated with the college cover a wide range of geographic areas of the world, curricular or academic interests and program types. Approximately 300 Oberlin students each year participate in approved semester or year long study away programs.

Information on these programs is available in the Study Away Library (Peters 205), or through the Office of Study Away website.

Important deadlines and requirements
  1. Completion of at least two semesters at Oberlin.
  2. Major officially declared.
  3. Must be enrolled as a full-time student (at least 4 courses/16 credits equivalent) while on the program.
  4. Educational reasons for going.
  5. Allow for on time completion of graduation requirements.
  6. Seniors have special restrictions in the second semester.

Students interested in study away in the upcoming year (either Fall or Spring) must apply for an Academic Leave of Absence (ALOA) by March 15th of the previous academic year. Students interested in studying away for Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 must apply for an ALOA by March 15th 2018.

The deadline to apply for an ALOA to study abroad during the 2017-18 academic year has already passed.


Oberlin College charges students studying off campus Oberlin’s own tuition rate for any approved ALOA semester whether on an Oberlin Affiliated Program or a non-affiliated program. If the program tuition is higher than Oberlin’s tuition, the higher tuition will be charged. Room and board costs for the semester are those charged by the program. There will be no additional study away fee charged by Oberlin College. Oberlin merit and need-based aid will be applied to the tuition for the semester or year away if the student participates in an Oberlin Affiliated Program or GCLA recognized program.

For more information on funding click here or call the Office of Study Away to schedule an appointment with an advisor. 

Service While Abroad

Bonners are allowed to complete service hours abroad if they are able to find a service site, and are allowed to volunteer in the country they are visiting. Bonners should research service options, and can also set up a meeting with the Director of the Bonner Scholars Program or with upper class Bonners that have studied away/abroad in the past.

Some programs, such as SIT Abroad, often have service components as part of their program.

Additionally, Bonners may also elect to take a leave of absence from the Bonner Scholars Program while they are away/abroad. In choosing this option, Bonners forfeit their checks for the semester as well as $250 from their total loan reduction amount.

If you are unable to complete your hours during your semester away, but do not want to take the semester off from Bonner, you should check in with the Director of the Program as soon as you can to see if other options might be available to you.