Leadership Opportunities

Bonner Leadership Team

Bonner Scholars are encouraged to pursue opportunities where they are able to serve in a leadership capacity. The Bonner Scholars Program itself offers this opportunity in the form of the Junior Congress Representatives and Senior Interns. During the Spring Semester, rising Juniors are invited to apply to serve as Congress Representatives in their Junior year. Three Congress Representatives are elected by Oberlin Bonner Scholars. Congress Representatives serve as Senior Interns in their Senior year. The three Congress Representatives, three Senior Interns, and the Coordinator of the Bonner Scholars Program comprise the Bonner Leadership Team (BLT), which is headed by the Director of the Bonner Scholars Program.

Each of the three Congress Representatives is responsible for serving on one of these three committees: Activities, Reflection, and Community Fund. Each of the three Senior Interns is responsible for managing one of these three components of the Program: BWBRS, First Years, and Community Outreach. The six members of the BLT work very closely with the director and coordinator of the Bonner Scholars Program, and hold regular office hours during which they complete tasks and serve as a resource for other members of the Bonner community at Oberlin. Additionally, members of the BLT are strongly encouraged to attend at least one event hosted by the Bonner Foundation. The Bonner Scholars Foundation bears the expenses for this trip.

As a Bonner Congress Representative, you are expected to serve between 2 – 4 hours a week. As a Senior Intern, the expectation is between 6 – 8 hours a week. Being a Senior Intern will often serve as your only service site for the year.

Students interested in applying as a Bonner Congress Representative should discuss this interest with the director or coordinator of the Bonner Scholars Program or other members of the BLT to gain a deeper understanding of the role and responsibilities and review the application details page.


Pursuing Leadership Opportunities Outside of the Bonner Scholars Program

Bonners can often pursue leadership roles in service sites outside of the Bonner Scholars Program. Look out for opportunities within your service site, and talk to your site supervisor early so that they can notify you if an opportunity opens up. However, remember that it is important to be mindful of what you ask. If a site supervisor is granting you more responsibility, that often means committing more time and energy. Don’t take on more than you can handle!