Finding a Service Site

Bonners at Oberlin College are not assigned to a service site. Here are some strategies for how you can get started with your search:

  1. Narrow down your interests and research opportunities within Oberlin that might match those interests.
  2. Talk to Bonner Scholars Program staff about your options. Additionally, talking to other Bonners, especially people that might have worked at the sites you’ve shortlisted, is very helpful!
  3. You can talk to the Director of Education Outreach Programs at the BCSL. The BCSL coordinates the application process for several programs such as America Reads and Ninde, which are great tutoring and teaching opportunities.
  4. The BCSL also offers opportunities through the Community Service Resource Center
  5. Going to the ExCo fair at the beginning of the semester is always a great idea! There are some Community-Service ExCos offered each semester such as Girls and Boys in Motion, and FAST.
  6. Visit the Community Service Resource Fair which takes place on Wilder Bowl at the beginning of the Fall Semester!

Remember, it is okay to change sites throughout your college career, as interests and preferences change. While some Bonners stick with the site that they chose during their first semester in college, some may also choose to work at a different place each year. Just make sure to communicate your needs, and listen to the needs of your site supervisor(s) to ensure that you are both best able to work with each other!