Rising Senior Fund

The Rising Senior Fund supports rising senior Bonner Scholars with funds up to $500 for expenses related to:

  1. summer service activities prior to their senior year;
  2. service projects during their senior year; or
  3. applying to graduate school or a job in the non-profit or public sector, such as
    • covering the cost of attending a conference related to their service;
    • travel to an interview for a fellowship, graduate school, or a job with a non-profit or government agency; or
    • graduate school entrance exams or application fees.

To receive this additional support, Bonners can be in the summer between their junior and senior years or in their senior year; rising seniors must be in good standing with the program to receive this support. Responses to the application questions should be submitted to the Bonner director or coordinator, who will then forward it to the Bonner Foundation for final approval. These proposals must be received by the Foundation prior to the deadline for the use of these funds.


The application consists of four short-answer questions, a budget, and a cover sheet (detailed below). These items should be submitted electronically where possible to both the coordinator and director.

Application Questions

Your responses to each of the following questions should be at least 100 to 150 words, though you may use additional space if needed. Please include the question before your responses. Your first and last name should appear in the header of the document.

  1. PRIOR SUMMER SERVICE: Briefly describe the previous Bonner summer service placements that you have had and comment on their impact on your personal development.
  2. PROPOSED ACTIVITY: Describe the summer service placement or other activity for which you are proposing to receive additional financial support. For what purpose(s) will the money you are requesting be used?
  3. CONNECTION TO ACADEMIC/CAREER DEVELOPMENT: Describe how the proposed activity is connected to your personal, academic, and/or career development. If returning to an organization with which you have been previously affiliated, explain how your role and/or responsibilities will change or increase.
  4. CONNECTION TO BONNER DEVELOPMENT: How will your experiences as a Bonner inform your participation in the proposed activity? How does the proposed activity relate to the common commitments?

The budget should detail the expenses you have researched and expect to incur and identify other funding sources that you have received. Include all expenses, even those that will be met by funding sources other than the Rising Senior Fund

Cover Page

Include a signed cover sheet with your application materials.


If your application is approved, it can take up to one month to receive funding from the time you submit your application. The application and review process is as follows:

  • Application submitted electronically to the BSP program director and coordinator;
  • Application is reviewed by the program director and coordinator and feedback is sent to applicant;
  • Applicant revises and resubmits application based on feedback;
  • Application is submitted to the Bonner Foundation for approval;
  • If the proposal is approved, a check request is sent to the controller’s office or other arrangements for payment are made.

Note that you must submit itemized receipts to document expenditures. Students requesting funds the spring semester of their senior year may be required to access funds on a reimbursement basis.