Community Fund

The Bonner Community Fund is a very powerful asset of the Bonner Scholars Program that students can access to help benefit their service sites and the communities that they work in.  Students have access to funds that can potentially have a long lasting impact on the communities in which they work. Programs should view community funds as a tool for capacity building within their communities. The Community Fund can only be used for Bonner Scholar-initiated service projects, resources and supplies for non-profit agencies or community-based organizations, and training that includes travel and registration expenses for conferences and workshops related to civic engagement (limited funds available). The maximum amount that can be requested is $500. There is also a $500 limit per Bonner Scholar during the academic year.  If you are requesting more than $250, you may be asked to attend the Community Fund committee meeting.

Timeline and Process

The Community Fund has three submission deadlines per semester. These deadlines are listed on the Bonner Weekly. After the deadline has passed, the committee reviews all submitted requests with itemized budgets and deliberates. Once the committee has come to a decision, the Bonner Scholar will be notified whether or not they have received funding.

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