As a first-year, it is important to remember that there are plenty of resources available to help and guide you through your first few weeks on campus. The Director of the Bonner Scholars Program, the Coordinator of the Bonner Scholars Program,  and the Senior First-year Intern are your first points of contact. Additionally, also feel free to reach out to other members of the Bonner Leadership Team, as well as other Bonner Scholars within the program!

Perhaps the most challenging part of being a first-year Bonner is identifying a service site. For information on how to identify a service site, click here. It is always helpful to identify areas of interest early, and discuss your options with the first-year intern, program director, or program coordinator.

Please continue reading for more information regarding expectations and requirements for first-year Bonners, Introduction to Bonner Life, the O-Portfolio, and the First-year Trip.