1. When can I receive my checks?

Bonners receive four checks each semester. The first check is a book stipend that you receive at the beginning of the semester, upon completing a check-in meeting with program staff. 30-, 80-, and 126-hour checks will be available at intervals throughout the semester if a Bonner Scholar has logged a pre-determined minimum number of hours by pre-determined deadlines. If a Bonner Scholar does not log the minimum number of hours required by the specified deadline in a check cycle, the check will not be generated during that semester. There will be a final opportunity to receive any checks that were not generated during the semester during January or June, as appropriate.

Bonner Scholars Program staff will provide you with a schedule outlining when checks will be available throughout the semester.

2. How do I write a CLA?

For information on how to complete your CLA, click here.

3. How do I find a service site?
Finding a service site can always feel a little daunting. Here are some strategies for how you can get started with your search:

  1. Narrow down your interests and research opportunities within Oberlin that might match those interests
  2. Talk to Bonner Scholars Program staff about your options. Additionally, talking to other Bonners, especially people that might have worked at the sites you’ve shortlisted is very helpful!
  3. You can talk to the Director of Education Outreach Programs at the BCSL. The BCSL coordinates the application process for several programs such as America Reads and Ninde, which are great tutoring and teaching opportunities.
  4. The BCSL also offers opportunities through the Community Service Resource Center
  5. Going to the ExCo fair at the beginning of the semester is always a great idea! There are some Community-Service ExCos offered each semester such as Girls and Boys in Motion, and FAST.
  6. Visit the Community Service Resource Fair which takes place on Wilder Bowl at the beginning of the Fall Semester!

4. I’m having trouble filling out my CLA/have other tech related issues – who do I ask?
Email bwbrs@oberlin.edu with your questions/concerns.

5. How do you create a new position?
Fill out the Position Request Form. Do not change positions directly through BWBRS.

6. I’d like to work outside of Oberlin, is that allowed?
Yes it is! Bonners have often found and chosen to work at service sites outside of Oberlin. If you have an Ohio driving license, you may register with the College, and rent BCSL cars for free in order to get to your service site. For more information on how to go about this process, check in with BCSL’s Administrative Assistant, or with Bonner Scholars Program staff.

7. I’m worried I’m not going to be able to complete all my hours this semester; what do I do?
If you feel like you are not going to be able to complete your hours, check in with Bonner Scholars Program staff as early as you can in order to figure out how best to proceed.

8. I have work study – can I use Bonner hours for both?
Most definitely! The BCSL coordinates the Community-Based Work Study Program (CBWSP) to allow students to receive Work Study for community service. To learn more about the program, check in with the CBWSP Director in the BCSL.

9. How many T&E hours can I have in a given semester?
Bonner Scholars are allowed to log 20% of their hours for training and enrichment. This equals 28 hours each semester.

10. How do I know if my site supervisor has signed my hour logs?
1) Log onto BWBRS, 2) Click on hour logs, 3) Click on Report, 4) Scroll down to see if your site supervisor has signed your hours.