Senior Presentation of Learning

The Senior Presentation is both a process and an event that asks each Bonner to reflect on their experiences, and to articulate the communal and personal transformation brought about during their time and work as a Bonner Scholar while understanding their place in the world.

The presentation can address issues related to the holistic Bonner experience, Bonner site experience(s), and/or the connections between the Bonner experience and academics or career aspirations.


The presentations should be around 10 – 12 minutes, and will be scheduled during the monthly All-Bonner Meetings.

Though there are other possibilities, presentations could be structured to highlight three key concepts or ideas that have been learned or that stand out when reflecting on the years of community engagement through the Bonner Program. Identifying key themes will help in preparing the presentation and will help those listening come away with a clear understanding of the ideas identified as most important. Also consider choosing a single theme and highlighting different dimensions of this theme.

In the past, some Bonners have thought of their presentations of learning primarily in chronological terms.  The challenge with this approach is that it can be difficult to highlight particular themes, so instead, please arrange the presentation in a way that allows a clear, engaging narrative to shine through.

Presentations can include pictures, performances, or other support materials.  If you will use PowerPoint or need some other AV equipment like speakers, please let Bonner Scholars Program staff know by the Thursday before your presentation.

It is very helpful to practice your presentation beforehand! You can schedule a 30-minute appointment with program staff to do a practice run and/or to discuss the content of your presentation.