Signing Hour Logs

Step 1: Go to Hour Log Report Page

From your BWBRS home page, click on “Hours Logs” (see below) under the “Student Menu” (shown on left).


Step 2 – Select Appropriate Semester and Month in the Hour Log Report

Select the appropriate semester using the semester drop-down menu at the top of the page (check box #1).

Then, select the appropriate “Show Hours for ….” drop-down menu (check box #2).

NOTE: We prefer that you approve month by month throughout the semester. However, if you must bring your approvals up to date for prior semesters, you may approve entries for an entire semester if you first change your calendar view by using the drop-down for “Show hours for…” menu and select the entire semester (#2).


Step 3 – Sign and Save

Two steps (see bottom of image below):

  • Enter your name in the electronic signature box at the bottom of the page (check box # 1). Please note that this field is case sensitive.
  • Finally, click “Save” to record your changes (check box #2)