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Language Tree

Language Tree {0}

Ever wondered whether Finnish was actually related to another language? Or how close English is to other languages with European roots? This pretty language family tree has some of the answers.   Check it out here.

What makes a word “real”?

What makes a word “real”? {1}

In this TED talk, language historian and English professor Anne Curzan explores the roots of slang words and discusses who and what makes a word legitimate. She questions the authority of the English dictionary and encourages listeners to the same. Watch the episode here.

Arabic Learning Resource: ArabicPod101

Arabic Learning Resource: ArabicPod101 {0}

Interested in learning, improving, or perfecting Arabic? ArabicPod101 is a learning resource that’s completely accessible and navigable. I easily made an account by entering my email and instantly gained access to tons of resources. By selecting my skill level (absolute beginner), I was given 25 mini lessons complete with corresponding transcripts and downloadable audio and(…)

“An Infant’s Brain Maps Language From Birth, Study Says”

“An Infant’s Brain Maps Language From Birth, Study Says” {0}

This recent Time article written by Melissa Locker reports the results of a language-related study and then suggests possible implications. The study described compared three groups of girls in Montreal: one group spoke only French fluently, one group spoke French and Chinese fluently, and the other was composed of girls born in China but raised(…)

Maps Depicting Linguistic Differences

Maps Depicting Linguistic Differences {0}

We pick up on pronunciation differences between U.S. regions all the time. For example, how do you pronounce the liquid you pour over your pancakes? What do you call a sweet, carbonated beverage? Find out if you identify with your state’s patterns as shown by these interesting maps.   http://www.businessinsider.com/22-maps-that-show-the-deepest-linguistic-conflicts-in-america-2013-6?op=1

BBC Languages

BBC Languages {0}

I took a look at the language tool that is available on BBC languages and would recommend that those who would like to learn a new language start here. Though the site has not been updated in a while, there are still plenty of useful resources such as video recordings you can watch, downloadable transcripts(…)