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BBC Languages

BBC Languages {0}

I took a look at the language tool that is available on BBC languages and would recommend that those who would like to learn a new language start here. Though the site has not been updated in a while, there are still plenty of useful resources such as video recordings you can watch, downloadable transcripts(…)

“Radio Ambulante” Review

“Radio Ambulante” Review {0}

Radio Ambulante is a Latin American podcast website comparable to the style of “This American Life”. The podcasts range in length and content but are always incredibly compelling. I first started using it in HISP 303 and though it was difficult to keep up with the solely Spanish narration at first, I would definitely recommend(…)

“The Pronunciator” Language Tool Review

“The Pronunciator” Language Tool Review {0}

Though I was unable to create a free account on The Pronunciator (http://www.pronunciator.com/), I took a virtual tour of the website and learned what it has to offer. It teaches 80 different languages from the point of view of 50 different languages. I think this is a particularly useful feature, since it isn’t always the(…)