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Foreign-language study drops in US universities

Foreign-language study drops in US universities {0}

The Modern Language Association (MLA) reports that despite rising college attendance, the number of students enrolled in foreign-language courses has dropped overall since 2009, that last time students were surveyed. A number of reasons are proposed, including the recession, a greater number of new course offerings, and a wider availability of language courses in primary and(…)

New evidence in Indo-European origin debate

New evidence in Indo-European origin debate {0}

Linguists at UC Berkeley have completed new research that supports the Kurgan (or steppe) hypothesis of the cradle of all Indo-European languages. Despite the original article’s title, the researchers have certainly not pinpointed the origin of Indo-European (which encompasses English, Latin, Hindi, Greek, Irish, Kurdish, Ukrainian, and many, many more). The debate will rage on,(…)

Gestures and pictures improve language learning {0}

As someone who teaches SITES and spent a semester doing original research into the impact of gestures on language learning, I’m really into this kind of contextualized language teaching. Read more about how movement and visuals can help you learn (or teach!) a language: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/289162.php

Writing in L2

Writing in L2 {0}

Could you write a novel in your second (or third or fourth….) language? It sounds daunting, but that is exactly what these authors–many of them award winners–have been doing. Representing many languages and countries like Bosnia, Pakistan, Italy, Russia, and China, some were pushed to English by political upheaval, others by a “spirit of adventure.”(…)