We’re open for reading period and finals! {0}

  Come join us– here are our hours for reading period: Saturday Dec. 13: 12pm-12am Sunday Dec. 14: 12pm-12am Monday Dec. 15: 12pm-12am Tuesday Dec. 16: 12pm-12am   We are also open during finals! Our hours: Wednesday Dec. 17: 9am-6pm Thursday Dec. 18: 9am-6pm Friday Dec. 19: 9am-6pm  

Arabic Learning Resource: ArabicPod101

Arabic Learning Resource: ArabicPod101 {0}

Interested in learning, improving, or perfecting Arabic? ArabicPod101 is a learning resource that’s completely accessible and navigable. I easily made an account by entering my email and instantly gained access to tons of resources. By selecting my skill level (absolute beginner), I was given 25 mini lessons complete with corresponding transcripts and downloadable audio and(…)

3-Second Cooking 「3秒クッキング」

3-Second Cooking 「3秒クッキング」 {0}

On this (one and only) episode of “3-second Cooking” Ms. Kataoka and Ms. Tonimura attempt to make fried shrimp in 3 seconds. Check out this hilarious video! 片岡さんと十二村さんは3秒でエビフライを料理するビデオをぜひ見てください!

Looking for Economic Benefits to Studying Foreign Languages?

Looking for Economic Benefits to Studying Foreign Languages? {0}

Then look no further! I am here to present to you yet another article from The Economist about the benefits of language study. This article actually addresses an academic paper (by Albert Saiz) that has research I hope to extend through my economics honors thesis this year. Remember that earnings and GDP are only one(…)

Language Proficiency Tests: HSK (Chinese) and JLPT (Japanese)

Language Proficiency Tests: HSK (Chinese) and JLPT (Japanese) {0}

Just as there are tests like TOEFL and TOEIC for non-native English speakers to test proficiency, those looking for a quantitative measure of their language ability to put on their resume / graduate school application, or even just want to challenge themselves for fun, also have options! I myself am getting ready to take the(…)

Babbel vs. Rosetta Stone Review

Babbel vs. Rosetta Stone Review {0}

For those of you thinking of investing in a language-learning software, here is a general review of two of the biggest companies in the industry.