Verbling Language Learning Tool Review

Verbling Language Learning Tool Review {0}

Verbling is a language learning tool based on online video. After you sign in with you google account, it takes you to a Language Learning Community page. You can use your google+ account to immediately join Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced practice groups. With a free 7-day trial, you can watch the Online Language Classes. However, there are only(…)

Ever considered inventing your own language? This story shows how complicated that can become.

Ever considered inventing your own language? This story shows how complicated that can become. {0}

John Quijada spent 30 years inventing a language that he said could be both concise and precise. But when he posted it online, had no idea that it would eventually take him halfway across the world to a conference attended by Russian extremists. This article by Joshua Foer in the New Yorker tells an incredible story(…)

Livemocha Lanuguage Tool Review

Livemocha Lanuguage Tool Review {0}

It is easy to create an account and start to learn right away on Livemocha. The registration section asked for my native language, so during the learning process, there’s a translation icon that translate the sentences into my native language. I chose Finish and selected my level of proficiency as “?” which means I know(…)

How Should We Learn Languages? Thoughts from a Labbie… {0}

The other day I came across this blog from someone named Ruth Elizabeth. Her bio says she has been learning Vietnamese for 3 years, 2 of which were spent in Vietnam when she taught English. As a second generation Vietnamese American who grew up listening to Vietnamese but who was too stubborn to bother learning(…)

Mango Languages Review

Mango Languages Review {0}

I tried out Mango Languages with Brazilian Portuguese. I was able to get only lesson one, which included a lot of vocabulary, a couple of conversations, and some grammar. Unfortunately, as soon as it seemed to be getting interesting, I reached a ‘wall’ and the website asked me to pay to get more features. I(…)

DuoLingo {0}

If you want to learn a language for free, DuoLingo is a good way to get started. If you stick with it, it will teach you grammar and vocabulary well, but it’s not good at helping you learn to speak it. And as long as you don’t mind learning from a computer and the oddities that(…)